Today, Rob Jetten, Dutch Minister of Climate and Energy, received the first certificate for green hydrogen during a visit to North Sea Port in Terneuzen. These certificates facilitate the trade in hydrogen, as envisaged by HyXchange. Thus, HyXchange contributes to the energy transition and the growth of sustainable energy and the reduction of natural gas dependence in the Netherlands.

The Trading Platform HyXchange is an initiative of Gasunie and the Port of Rotterdam Authority, Port of Amsterdam, Groningen Seaports and North Sea Port (Vlissingen, Ghent, Terneuzen). Gasunie and the Dutch ports will play a crucial role in the hydrogen economy.

Trading in hydrogen will take place via the trading platform HyXchange, which will be set up for this purpose. The certificates are Guarantees of Origin, certifying that the hydrogen has been generated from sustainable energy such as green electricity. Vertogas B.V., the company already providing Guarantees of Origin for biogas, and also appointed by the Minister to develop the Guarantees of Origin for hydrogen, has recently been working on a certification system that provides for this new task. This system will be tested over the next three months in a certificate pilot organized by HyXchange, with 16 participating market parties involved in green and low-carbon hydrogen. After this pilot, the final issue of Guarantees of Origin for hydrogen will start.

The certificate pilot is an important first step of the HyXchange development plan, also presented to Minister Jetten. This development plan has three pillars:
1. This pilot in the certification of hydrogen: started
2. A simulation of a spot market in hydrogen: to be starting soon
3. Start of an international price index in hydrogen.
The HyXchange hydrogen exchange initiative has involved a group of interested 45 market parties, active in energy and industry. The ultimate goal is to establish a trading facility on the Dutch hydrogen infrastructure as a central trading point and price indicator, nationally and internationally.