Hydrogen indicator HYCLICX in 2023: variable cost price of Dutch green hydrogen closer to grey hydrogen

The costs for the production of green hydrogen decreased over 2023. The cost of grey hydrogen was still lower, but the cost differential was decreasing. This is the conclusion of HyXchange, initiative for a hydrogen exchange, in the 2023 annual review of its 'hydrogen...

HyXchange presents its key findings from the Hydrogen Spot Market Simulation Project

This market simulation increased our understanding of the hydrogen system and associated dynamics, and volatility. The outcomes were meant to give insights in the market dynamics and volatility and the timescale of market variations. They do not provide a (price)...

HyXchange publishes HYCLICX price indicator for spot market Hydrogen

Hydrogen exchange initiative HyXchange presents HYCLICX variable-price indicator for Hydrogen.  Today, HyXchange published its first issue of the HYCLICX variable-price indicator for hydrogen based on lowest-priced electricity hours, and a large share of renewable...

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